Does everyone get that feeling

or is it just me

You know

When your toenail is

too long

Its almost like it feels

heavier, I guess it is


I want to bite it but my mouth

 can’t reach my toes

Its been a while since

I could do that

and a while since I could find

those damn clippers.

It’s just uncomfortable, constantly

Honestly, it’s almost like it feels

itchy, I guess it is


I keep trying,


to get a good tear to go

but no

because my mouth

 can reach my fingers

they sting,

and I can’t stop

recalling the good times _______

around town.

Back in those days I had fingernails,

They kept my toenails short

so I could run back and forth

Maintaining this cyclic insanity with

the cuticles of a king.