Straight cis single white male artist seeking self-supporting, emotionally stable, somewhat attractive, somewhat alternative, spiritual, freak accepting of a mild foot fetish, with no pets and a purposefully positive attitude.  Must be eating well, aging well, inspired, opinionated, PC but funny, under 40 and intellectual (but none of that, I have no clue what your talking about pretentious shit).  I don’t have time for that and also can’t hang.  Minimal drug or alcohol use and an interest in attending Al-Anon meetings could be potentially very beneficial in the long term.  Absolutely no smokers, that’s disgusting; ok every once in a while I don’t care, nobody’s perfect and I used to smoke anyway.  Car owners are a plus but bike owners are cooler except I don’t have a car so ya, car owners.  Seeking a musician, preferably piano or guitar, no drummers and none of this, “I’m for sure gonna break your heart” rockstar shit.  I don’t have time for that either.  Seeking security, comfort, love, validation, distraction, quick highs, nice feet, immediate gratification, an ego boost, life coach, therapist, personal trainer, honesty, sincerity, hope, love, financial stability, beauty, fame, sex, monogamy I think.  Seeking situational codependency, it has always been about getting through the night.  M2W, 31/M/CHI