Garage Rock (poem while Timm’s driving.)


I’m somewhere between

the gym

and a Frappuccino

An apple

and a fritter


and the bar

Credit, Debit

and EBT, between


Grass and weed

Wild and flowers

Golden hour and a

golden shower –

Pre and post

a violent disruption

of all and any emotion

unsuited for or misunderstood by

this 30 year old

friend and foe

Desired pronoun

he and straight

white and terrified

But mostly of himself


I’m somewhere between

Whole Foods and Tinder

cum and kombucha

rent and your sofa

But intentionally

An artist, I think

or an architect

building truths

and falsities

or just building

and crying for a quick three






Before sucking in this gut

flexing down these brows

and looking up

at the blues

and pink hues

and wondering why

and if

and what

I’m going to have

for dinner


for dessert.