My New Fav Bar.  3/5/17.


My new favorite bar opens early

enough, for us


Who hide in plain sight

in fresh light

sipping acid and sugar too


Start the day high on sprinkled donuts

and seasonally flavored coffee drinks

Aloha iced shamrock spiced pumpkin

peppermint carmel apple eggnog etc.

Playing candy crush or reading about

the Donald, not Ronald but close

Brain fogged


Scrolling, swiping, staring, sipping, sitting

cross legged

Trying to be pretty

watching the cold air warm

the people move

Making pink faced observations of

the other



and normal people

Who purposely skip breakfast

sneeze then bite their nails

lick the iced glazing from their fingers

and check out

with earbuds in

Who glance

and smile at the attractive ones

Cough dry, say hi, maybe


stress and blame it on something

Lust, consider love

and make plans for the future

or tomorrow

or the next few minutes

or moments

of this ordinary bliss

escape, rebellion and conformity.